Thursday, 19 March 2009


On Wednesday 18th march, I went to ropewalk and had my 3rd month mapping with Carina Stanfield. I went through the same routine but extra harder.
When she switched me on after altering the electrodes, it sounded robotic and I didn't like it not 1 bit. So Carina looked at my hearing chart and worked out the maths. What a GENIUS SHE IS!!!!! I honestly don't know how she worked out the maths.... She then switched me on again... And fantastic... Just the way how I like it!
I didn't do the lipreading test this time because I'm too good for it. I did the non lipreading test and the non lipreading test with a whooshing sound in the background. The results are...... 98% without noise in the background....60% with noise.
I'm doing so well..

I will keep you updated