Sunday, 14 June 2009


On Thursday 11th June, I went to Ropewalk and had my 6 month mapping with Carina Stanfield. I went through the same routine but extra harder. There weren't much difference. The scale on the computer on the left side went up. The other 9 electrodes was near enough the same as last time. Carina disabled my 16th elctrode. She said it's to make the sounds better. So now only 15 electrodes are doing the job!
Just before my appointment, I saw a 7 year old girl, who's has a CI. Hers is Freedom. I signed and spoke as usual like I do to any other deaf person. She only replied with nods and shakes her head for yes and no. She was shy. I asked her if she was the only 1 in the family that is deaf. Her mum said no that her brother is deaf and has CI.
I went to wait in the waiting room as usual and then I needed the loo. When I came out I saw a little girl in her mums arms crying and I noticed that she has a CI. I shown her mine and I knew she was scared of her mapping and I signed and told that theres no need to be scared that the more mappings she has and older she gets the better her hearing will be. I asked her how old she was and she replied and signed '3'.

I love signing and I wish there was some more deaf people in Newark like Nottingham. Signing is fantastic way of communicating.

I will keep you updated...