Tuesday, 16 December 2008

On Saturday 17th December, my fiancee David and I bought an ipod from currys. I bought ipod nano, the same Katie-Louise's. Mine is silver and is 16GB. After that we went to my uncles and he downloaded the songs I like. I'm a big ABBA fan. So on Sunday night, (which I didn't know about) I decided to try it......Oh dear...I connected the ipod wire onto my implant and turned on the ipod and put Dancing Queen on.....I walked in the living room and fell on my knees and sobbed. IT WAS THE FIRST TIME IN 7 MONTHS I HEARD ABBA AGAIN. It felt wonderful.
I thought I would never ever have the opportunity to use or have an ipod!!!


On Friday 12th December, my mum and I went to Ropewalk in Nottingham. I was VERY VERY nervous and scared. I actually thought I was going to hear beeps and would reject my implant straight away. Carina my audiologist came and took us to a room. She had a look at scar and liked it and said it healed nicely. She then took the implant out of the box and then connected it to the computer and clipped the wire on my jumper and put the implant on my ear and head. I didn't hear nothing at first. Carina put a piece of paper in front of me. On the piece of paper, it has a scale of 'NO SOUND - VERY LOUD'. What she wanted me to do was put my finger on which I heard. She altered the electrodes on the computer bit by bit. After that she said she's going put all the electrodes on all together and that it maybe very loud.....So she turned it on. When she put it on, I felt like I was gasping for air as I was tense, and I was clutching my head and moving and wiggling about in the chair! She said that reaction was normal. So after that she asked me and my mum to have a half hour break and hear sounds like cars passing and other sounds that's in the outside world. Near the end she, shown me the bits n bobs, such as colours, charger and ipod wire. Carina very kindly setted up the wire. THANKS CARINA. And then shown me how to work the implant and volume controls etc. The sounds was amazing.