Monday, 13 April 2009


Unfortunately on 4th April 2009 was the year anniversary, the day I lost my hearing.

On that Saturday David and I went to Lincoln as usual. And............. I heard a steam train!!!!!!!!!
I NEVER EVER heard a steam train in my entire life. And that made my DAY!! It was FANTASTIC!!! Whenever the train hooted, it made me HYPER!
But on that day, before the steam train, I was very quiet, which isn't like me. I was thinking about what happened that day the year before.

I woke up that morning, and put in my hearing aids in as usual and heard NOTHING. I thought it must be the battery. NO it wasn't the battery. I cleared the tubing with my mouth by blowing into it.....Still NOTHING. I then went downstairs and said to my Mum, 'I can't hear a thing.' I squeezed the hearing aid for it to whistle and said to to mum is that working, she said 'Yes'. And then I thought 'Oh great?! Must be something wrong with my insides'.

A few days later, mum made a Dr's appointment and we went and Dr. Terrill looked into my ear and said that I got a perforated eardrum. So she gave me some drops...

2 weeks later....

Mum made me an appointment to see the ear specialist, an emergency appointment at Newark Hospital. We went on 16th April 2008....

We went into the Dr's office and explained the situation and looked into my ear and said that I got wax in my left ear... So he and the nurse took us to another room down the corridor. He sucked the wax out with this hoover device. Afterwards, I lipread him saying 'Put your hearing aids back in'... I put them back in and I was PANICKING.... I couldn't hear a thing.... So he took us back to his office and looked at my notes and said 'I'm sorry, but your hearing gone forever'.... Those words felt like my heart been stabbed... I SCREAMED the place down sobbing, my mum standing next to me holding my baby sister broke down. The nurse grabbed my sister off her and mum came straight over to me.

To this day I still can't handle the drink. I'm not an alcoholic but I just can't handle it.

1 Year on.... I very happy with my cochlear implant and can hear better than EVER.

I LOVE MY IMPLANT...........

I will keep you updated


Laura's medical journey said...

i know how you feel to lose your hearing over night.
but we had a miracle in the the cochlear implant eh :)

Anonymous said...

It's so cool hearing new sounds huh!!
Yay :)