Saturday, 24 January 2009


On Monday 19th January 2009, I went to see Carina for my 1 month mapping. It was hilarious!

Carina did her usual thing on the computer, and me from NO SOUND TO MOST COMFORTABLE. She worked the electrodes on the computer, electrode by electrode.

When she put on the electrodes on at the end, I screamed the whole room down!!!! Carina had to turn me off on the computer straight away! Dyan the speech therapist was outside the room looking through the door window and was laughing. My mum felt embarrassed!

The sounds was SO LOUD!

After that, Carina took me to another room and we did lipreading and non lipreading test on a video......As you can see the picture above is of a graph....Well... As you can see the crossed out bit, that's where a normal persons hearing is. The 3 boxes attached together means I can hear like a normal person, BUT... only quiet sounds! That is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my progress:

Week 1 - without lipreading 59%
One month - without lipreading 88%

Week 1 - with lipreading 93%
One month - with lipreading 98%

I'm hoping to hear like a normal person with the cochlear implant.

I will keep you updated....

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