Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Since I been activated, the sounds were weird and robotic.

I know I should wear it ALL THE TIME, but I struggle sometimes. I get frustrated alot and its not the same as it was when I used to wear hearing aids. But some of the sounds are the same as hearing aids sometimes, but louder and fatter.

The sounds I don't like are: Running water, crisp packets, carrier bags and baby crying and some other high pitched sounds.

The sounds I love are: My ipod,TV,window wipers in the car, my grandads kitchen clock ticking, indicator in the car, a train, a car horn, the dogs barking and people talking to me.

I can cope in pubs and in public, but it depends sometimes. If I can't cope in a crowded loud shop, I take the implant off and give it to David. He holds it in his hand and keeps it in my view.

I try very very hard with the implant and trying to accept it more. I love it, but the sounds are very different to hearing aids.

I'm looking forward to my 1 month mapping with Carina on 19th Jan.

I can watch TV without subtitles but, I prefer to have them in case I misheard the TV while watching a programme.

I can also use the telephone a bit but I still need to work on that, but I can use a mobile phone on loudspeaker, but now I bought a new mobile I can hear well on that without loudspeaker sometimes.

The sounds with the ipod is fantastic. Dancing Queen is still the same as it was with hearing aids. I hear the drums and voices more, and I can hear the guitar aswell.

I take my implant off whenever I read. I know I shouldn't but I can't read and listen with the implant in quiet situations. Sometimes I can cope, sometimes I can't. I read alot in my room without the implant.

I will keep you updated


Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Thats brilliant, your doing SO well, I can't believe your already talking on the phone and hearing SOMe words. wow, a big hug to you mate.

Who's going with you on the 19th, I hope it goes well, Say hi to carina for me and I'm sure you will hear alot more when you get another tuning :D

keep it all, and do your best to wear it all the time.

well done xx

katie x

Laura's medical journey said...
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Laura's medical journey said...

Looks like you are giving some welly! hehe and good that u are loving your sounds!!! :D
Hope it continues! Theres always sounds we CI people hate! But the good thing is we can take it off! haha ! :D

The more u wear it though the better the sound will be!